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Way back in 1938, William and Lillian Oram moved to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania , (with a secret recipe for donuts) and created  a tradition that lives to this day.  They believed that once people tasted their special donuts, they would agree that these were the “best donuts in the world”. 

And they were right. The first Oram’s Donut Shop® opened in January of 1938 and was a huge success. So many people came to try these donuts that they completely sold out early that morning! (People continue to flock to Oram’s for their favorite donuts and the tradition of the donuts being completely sold-out sometimes  continues.)




    Oram's has never boasted of having the largest variety of donuts, just the best tasting. In the late 1930's and 1940's the donut selection included: Plain, Powdered Sugar, Chocolate Iced, Coconut coated, Glazed and Granulated Sugar coated. A dozen cost .25 cents!

Advertising in those days included: "Vitamin B-1 Donuts".

 There was a small fire in the fryer and people joked "All of those vitamin must have exploded!".








Oram’s Donut Shop® soon became widely known for having “the best donuts in the land”.  People traveled great distances to taste the difference of an Oram’s donut.             

In 1947, a larger store and delivery trucks were needed to satisfy the growing number of loyal customers. Crème filled and Jelly filled were added to the donut selection, along with potato chips and roasted nuts. A dozen of assorted donuts now cost 35 cents!




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